....the miracle is this...the More we Share, the More we Have....... Leonard Nimoy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Simple Request


dianne said...

Yes Boney dear, there is so much here to love and be grateful for if we open our eyes and our hearts.
For 'the more me give the more we have'. :)

boneman said...

is that a typo?
or has your humor improved?

dianne said...

No Boney that is not a typo and there is no humour intended there either.
If we do open our eyes and our hearts there is so much to see and be grateful for in the people we meet and our surroundings.
'the more we give, the more we have' that's a simple philosophy, have you not heard 'give and you will receive',for if we share with others we benefit from the simple act of sharing and giving of ourselves, wouldn't you say that goodness is its own reward...

dianne said...

Yes Boney dear it is a typo, I typed 'me' instead of 'we', so I'm tired and going blind with eye strain.
Thanks for pointing that out. :)


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