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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Isn’t it a strange thing to see the battle?
The battle between religion and science?
Did God create the world in seven days (six) or has it evolved over millennium unknown?

How much religion rests on sciences to explain some of their own mysteries. That the reason for not eating pork, for example, being the microscopic creature within it that had to be cooked to not suffer ailment. Or how the bible points out the orbiting solar system (even though both science AND religion fail sadly at their mathematical model on that)
Science also rests on faith…in that, there is the faith that what is observed is really there. Nor is there any plausible explanation for that which cannot be observed. The spark of life, or love and emotions.

The great battle between religions and sciences seems to take for granted that they are, the both of them, determined to yoke the common man and control him to do as they need done that they may continue.
Or else, there would be no battle at all.
Das macht nichts.


dianne said...

There should be room for both, just because something like the emotions of love, sadness, happiness and feelings etc. cant be seen, does not mean they don't exist...we only see the effects of these. ♡

Shubhajit said...

You think...

There is a word call faith..religion is not sects..i believe it is a faith upon what we call it God and God dwells in all. It is all one, like by a small portion of clay we can understand the whole nature of clay..it is simply like that..not a matter of discussion but profound realization..

True religion never conflict with science...


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