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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Learning from Ardlair

In returning comment to Ardlair, I realized that there is a major flaw in the direction our country, as well as many other countries.
That is the hatred of another nation, based usually on the government in place at the time.

Well, simple put, there are no evil nations. bush junior was as wrong as rain in the desert. There are NO EVIL NATIONS. Only governments that bend towards evil intention to accomplish purely selfish deeds.
England, France, Spain, the Dutch all filled this country with their evil greed.
They swarmed over the natives of this land, some with religion on the tips of their tongues, calling for the conversion of these people's simple ways, or passing out death. Or gold or land...
Later, the new country, fresh born of new power and its own sense of greed would swarm over what was left of any real freedom and drive out, murder, or otherwise imprison the populations within. Gold, land, and that elusive quality of FREEDOM, a yet to be described thing for which we supposedly fight for.
How 'humorous', eh?
Murdering people to attain freedom for all?

And then continuing the hatred through divisive measures designed to keep all at odds with each other. Through hatred, political 'leaders' call out their righteousness, singing their own praises, and denying rights to those who would stand up against their evil intent.

No, it is not the nation that is ever evil, for the nations are filled with people like you and me. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, all people trying to make their way through life.

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