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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My preacher tells me that he's intrigued with people who define their beliefs in what they don't believe in.
He is referring to the term "atheist" ...and the term meaning non-theist.
Personally I find that a bit on the small side.
I believe that what religions call god, allah, shiva, whatever...
are attempting to bring the creator down to their own level. That makes it easier to say
and do whatever it is they were going to do in he first place.

Keep it Simple Stupid seems to fit well.
It isn't some mystery...
LOVE THE CREATION with ALL your Heart, Mind, and Soul...
Help Each Other as Best as You Can.

We're only here a short while, folks.
Get all the good laughs you can.
(then again...we really would deserve reincarnation, eh?
There's no leaving the hell we've made behind.)

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