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Monday, March 2, 2009

i just want to remember this day for a while....


dianne said...

Oh Boney dear,your friend and companion, beautiful Gni Gni how ill is she?
Please don't tell me she is gone? ♡

boneman said...

no...not gone. Seems the real 'work' begins.

dianne said...

Thank God she is alive, I thought of this video before you posted it on your blog, the two of you playing on the grass and then when I saw it here I thought, no, no that cannot be...GniGni had passed away.

I know how much you love her and what a wonderful friend and companion she is so I hope that whatever illness is making her sick will be treatable and that she will soon be back to her happy self...thinking of you both.
Much love, your friend Dianne. ♡

Jean said...

Much comfort in memories.
And, like you said... she ain't done yet!

Boxer said...

you are a rich man.

boneman said...

Thanx, and yes.
With a treasure like this, I am rich!


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