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Sunday, March 22, 2009

a last goodbye

I thought to bring some music here
to offer up hope and some cheer.
I'm ready now, to say good bye
To a beautiful woman, though ne'er met her eye.
To BIGGA! I do think I loved her dear.

Well, one more giggle for you girl
I hope to upward your lips curl.
and should we ever meet in Heaven?
Let' us go dancing whether eighty or eleven,
Out on the town, we'll give it a whirl!

I carried this one 'round for years
Made some laugh clean to tears.
Some would chuckle and dance,
a couple even peed their pants!
well, ÄLSKA, girl! (lifts glass) CHEERS!


foam said...

i did not know her at all, except that anna-lys was mighty fond of her ..
i'm sure she would appreciate this last goodbye.

Bob R Cat and Maxwell T. Dog said...

yeah. Me too.
I heard she was more into making folks laugh than even I.
Too bad she's gone, eh?
Can you imagine two of us wandering around everywhere? Trying to get folks to pee their underwear!?

But, I've spent to long grieving, I gotta just move on.
Though I've decided that I'm leaving her pretty song.


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