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Monday, March 23, 2009

Atheists are going to Heaven, too. Get over it.

In Matthew 12:31-32, Jesus says to the Pharisees,
"Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come"

the lie of religions is that the three in one is sanctioned by the CREATOR, though I would that they (as in religions) have made that up (as in, fiction) because men are so stupidly gullible.
A CREATOR is that which is everything.
Call it the big bang if you please, it doesn't matter.
I prefer to see it as a great thing flinging a handful of stones, and we are here, a speck of sand within a fleck of stone. Science has given up many truths, and one of those is, energy is not "created" but rather altered from one stated to another (not Ohio to Indiana, though, some would that this is a good way to see it) but none the less, energy is not lost, either.
It may be changed in such a way that WE can't use it (or stupidly refuse to) but still, it is somewhere in some form.
Just as life is.
"...either in this age or the age to come"
It is an odd thing that christians don't believe whole heartedly in reincarnation.
But, then, it makes it easier to forgive themselves of their great sin against the CREATOR.
Rape the earth, if you will, deplete it of its resources.
The truth of it is, you are building the earth YOU will inherit, and you will inherit it soon.
For life is short, and there's so much time. But, what the heck. It's that bible thing that tells of the strange ironies come.
We choose our own destruction. We have for all time.
Call it the apple eaten or the passover "celebration" if you will, but, whatever chosen becomes our lot.

Now, as for the unforgivable sin....that's an interesting thing.
I have thrown chunks of wood across spaces (sometimes it's easier to throw than to carry) and on occasion, there are ants on the wood.
If an ant curses me as I throw the wood, do I care?
If I splinter myself with that wood and the ant eats the blood and curses me and the blood, do I care?
No to the incidents prior.
I Cut and chop the wood, sweat in the Sun and the cold, battle the weather, all to stay warm. My 'bit' as it were, is to make the house warm
If the ant curses my work to make the house warm, do I care?

Do I care?


foam said...

religion is a concept that is manmade ..
therefore, any lie in religion is manmade
i suppose if there are truths in religion, those would be manmade too.
this is not to say that some of these religions can't hold great wisdom and beauty..
but, lordy .. the destruction created on behalf of these manmade religions boggles the mind.

and, no .. i'm not saying that the divine does not exist ..

foam said...

but .. do i care if it exists?

boneman said...

something like that is what drove me to write this at four in the AM
I don't believe in ANY religion, though, yes. All good religions have some spark of truth within them

thing is, I'm just more to the thought that "the Spirit" or the spark inside ourselves that makes us alive? That is a beautriful thing.
Doesn't take keeping a big building going so much as each of us knowing who our neighbors are or helping those we see.

not a big new concept, either.
Just trying to pare away the crap.

boneman said...

I know I don't care about the ant so much as I toss the wood in the fire.
But, outside?
I still try to knock it off before getting it inside.

("Hey you! Get off the wood!")

Monique said...

I just read your poem at Bigga's and she would be very pleased.


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