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Monday, July 20, 2009

the END of DAYS

Two things that bug me a bit.
Islamist radicals saying this is the Jihad....yet rioting because some newspaper posted a picture of Mohamed, the last prophet of God.
OK, first, only the prophet could say if this is Jihad. Maybe even he would not know.
and, in America, we have a joke about how hard one looks for a thing. We say, "You'll probably find it in the last place you look," and sure enough. It's ALWAYS in the last place we look.
If Mohamed was the last prophet...it's only because the next one hasn't come forward.
Well, except here.
Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Earnest Ainsley, and the circus that is called television evangleism are just cock sure they have the answers, and they got them from the bible. (just like the Millerites before them)
But it does plainly say that no man will know the last day till it is upon them.
(let's go over that just one more time for the stupider evangelicals and such)
No man will know when the last days are here until they are upon him.
When the dragon bites your ass, it's on you.

Here's a truth most will like.
Jesus's answer (and in Revelations we see it again) the end will be a time and times and half a time.
Folks...in today's English that would be:
sooner or later.

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