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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Does the USA Really Practice "FREEDOM of RELIGION"?

I think not. The United States practices prude behavior and wants the rest of the world to follow their lead.
I beg of the world...."Don't follow us!"

In the USA, it has become proper to diminish Islam, another religion, as well as ridicule other religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, and any of dozens of others.
The previous religions of the Indians were trampled under, and most left behind, forgotten or having nobody left to practice because of the rampant genocide practiced upon Indians.
Freedom of Religion would include freedom to marry same genders to each other, should they wish.
Freedom of religion means not having an un-named god pressed onto the coins of the nation.
Freedom of religion means if the proper practice is polygamy, then it is left to that group to decide its course.

No....the USA is NOT a country where 'freedom of religion' is observed. They are too afraid.


dianne said...

Religion will always be a controversial topic, I think there is room for the practice of all religions so long as those practising are not zealots or cults and act in a way which promotes freedom of speech and fairness within its congregation and peace and unity in the world. ♡

Jack K. said...

Wow and wow.

I agree with you.

I was just thinking this AM about Christianity and those who practice it. There are those who would insist that the information in the Bible is indeed God's word. Some of them look to a specific version of the Bible as the "true word".

At that point I just shake my head and wonder which man is trying to his perceived positional power. It seems to me that the biggest problems with organized religion, regardless of the belief, is the need for some man (men) trying to grasp and maintain power of others.

It also seems to me that the fundamentalists are the most prone to this view.

What a travesty. There are so many wonderful people who truly care about others and practice the concepts of....

Serving with integrity, caring about those they serve and sharing the love in their hearts/souls.

This is just one man's view and no one has to believe it.

Thanks for signing my guest list. Loved the avatar/personal photo.

boneman said...

Ah yes...religion is an odd bit in itself, yes?
I keep getting drawn away from the concept of religion, although i still have attendance at my church. Sometimes it's just a bit much In fact, I'm starting to believe in Santa Claus more than some of the biblical concepts.
Sort of.

As for god's words...well. I found in my history book where great portions of the old testament were written by people under the cover of Moses, Isaiah, and others. Men wrote the bible, and I'm not demeaning the value of it, but, I will devalue the concept of "written by the hand of god"...
That is the fantasy. And, it's a shame to have attached it to the words of some men, as the words themselves wren't always bad.

I rather look at Jesus as being a prophet (and, to be sure, the son of god, but then, aren't we all?) and his prophecy was astounding. The Jews had, at one time, tacked on some 600 laws of "god" to their books, most having been spin-offs of the original laws not seemingly covered.
Here was this simple guy who came out with two laws that stood well for all the laws of Moses...
Love the Father with all your heart mind and soul,
Help others as best as you can.

Now, don't get me wrong, but, I recognize that god isn't some white haired dude sitting in the clouds with lightning bolts in one hand and a bevy of beautiful women under his other arm.
I take it as, a CREATOR that can do what has been done has no name. Couldn't have a name.
(think universal field theory.... encompassing all things)
A great scientist, in my mind, is the gal (I've forgotten her name) that came up with the concept that there wasn't one big bang, but rather several million big bangs, and that they continue even now.
HUGE universe, eh?
If there is ONE CREATOR? HA! No wonder there couldn't be a name!
( almost giving relevance to the answer given to Moses when asked, "who shall I say sent me?"
"I AM that I AM"

So, that in mind, and that I am an artist led me to this:
Love the Creation with all your heart, mind, and soul,
Help others as best as you can.
Now, Will Rogers gave me the third, and I feel it is a valuable link to the overall view.
"We have only a short while here. Get all the good laughs you can"

So without being tacked as a religious nut, (and prophet would just plain be embarrassing to me), I call those three concepts fairly good rules of thumb.

Do I ever fail?
Yeah. Lots of times. There are people I dislike so vehemently, it makes me wonder where I can dredge up that kind of hatred. Of course, I also recognize that it's also partially due to the fact that I've never interacted with those persons face to face....
But, I've hurt some people unintentionally, too. Funny enough, throwing the peace sign around can also mean some fairly derogatory things in other countries.

well, that and sometimes i do tend to go on and on and on sometimes, and some folks take offense to that, also.
Oh well.
I have been trying for years to join a ON and ON ANON meeting, but just haven't found them anywhere.


boneman said...

And, Dianne. You are 100% right, and as George Carlin said

"Keep thy religion to thyself" sounds like a great fourth suggestion.


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