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Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is LIFE!

Well, most folks like fresh fruit, I think.
I mean, canned fruit usually includes some kind of sugar water added, and frozen is...well, frozen.
By the time it gets thawed out, one almost needs to add sugared water to it to bring back some sweet and flavor.

But, wait.
The bible was written some three and a half millenium ago. Like canned fruits or frozen,
3500 years ago when the Jewish nation was just learning how to write at all.
And this after the Egyptians showed them the rough concept of recording stories and information....

Now, I remember some of the drivel I wrote when I first learned how to write. Probably not unlike most folks, it contained a greater hair of fiction, though quite true to each of us when we wrote it, and to each of us, the greater truth was that WE wrote it.
Don't you suppose that's what the first writers were doing?
They passed down what was important to them...their parents' words. And those words came from their parents before them, and word of mouth sent bits of information down and down and down...
Was there ever a slice of truth in them?

Well, personally, I look at the Genesis and see evolution laid out plainly.
The light, the waters, the greenery and land coming to...this sounds like the era of amoeba and bacterias becoming coalesced into more complex systems and organisms. Slowly, over many thousands of years, and sometimes painfully so. A "DAY" is like the day of the dinosaurs, or the day of industrial revolution....not 24 hours.
Made from 'mud'?
Yeah...perhaps so.

Even the 'great flood' has historical significance. About every five to seven thousand years flooding is a major factor in the Earth's cycle. The poles melt, the magnetism changes, earthquakes and volcanoes....Ah what a sight it must be!
Destroying all that putrid, crap-ridden man-made bullshit of ours!
This time will be some serious destruction involved, too.
Nuclear power, oh so safely tucked away in caves and rock havens through-out the world (Australia! Don't give in to the begging of the world! Don't accept the waste materials that nobody else wants to store!) and this will be torn apart and spent across the lands.
Radiation poisoning is somewhat painful, though not as quick as governments would have us believe.
I, for the most part, don't believe in the sign carrying doomsday salesmen from the cartoon pages. "The end is near?" Sure it is. So what?
The end comes "in a time and times and half a time".
So says a flock of prophets in the bible.
And that still translates to simply, "sooner or later"...

So, since we are destined to see it through, with or without the mechanics of modern man, how about this....
Help each other, now and through the times coming, and as long as possible.
The bickering of nations will come to an end, as it damned well should! And it will get down to just people.

And that's a good thing. Because with or without a religion, there is life.
And that is more important when there is love.

Only now do I understand it....
Even with the end of the world coming?
With all the evils of mankind rested on our backs?

Even so, come quickly!


foam said...

psssssssssssssst, boneman ....

the end is near ...
sooner or later ....

in the meantime let's have a beer ..

well, i'll have a beer ..

you partake in your poison of choice ..


boneman said...

nice bit of poetry, mam.
The end may be near, but I don't give a damn!
It won't really matter at all, you see.
So yes! Let's have a drink, you and me!

We'll toast our travels through the crucible, no fear!
Take with you your lover, and hold him dear!
Mr. Foam will appreciate the ride,
you see, it doesn't always mean we died.
And I'll take with me a sweet Floridan lass,
(just hope she doesn't smack me for pinching her...er, pinching the fine lass!)

We'll gather about us friends of all sorts and kind!
My God, they'll all think we've lost our minds!
But we'll take them all with us, they'll not give us hassle!
Because we'll be taking them to Hohonecken Castle!

Jean said...

a castle? with moats and bridges?
and a fine view from the keep?
will there be horses to ride through the fields and woods?

foam said...

nope .. lol ..
but there is a fine view ..

Jean said...

Foam, a fine view is worth the trip, especially if the company is fine, too ;-)


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