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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is That an Island Out There?

OK, did I mention that I'm NOT the new prophet? (or, in the shoes of Pat Robertson , Profit)

Nope. Just one side of me is very much a believer of the greater thing that made us all, but, just smart enough to NOT use the name "god" to describe the CREATOR.
In fact, that I capitalize all the letters of that word kind of makes me a hypocrite, doesn't it?
There. Is that any better?
No? Why not?
Oh, I see the capital first letter, eh?
Well then, just to show you I'm serious about this, the creator doesn't give a rat's behind what word you choose.
Be it Allah, God, Father, Divine Being, I Am, Shiva, Calvin Klien...well. Wait a minute. Not being a grand designer doesn't count so much.
Maybe, though.
I mean, If I was the creator, you can bet your ass I would come down here to see how everything is going.
But, if that were so, there's some real problems brewing here.
Two (count them,...1, 2) islands of floating garbage in the Pacific.
It appears that now our ill brained scientists are considering that indeed, we are NOT the major cause of global warming. So, a lot of morons have gone back to pissing in our streams, rivers and lakes, throwing garbage and trash down wherever they happen to be, and, a whole lot of people are making a huge fuss about helping the poor.
You do remember that the creator turned a woman into a pillar of salt for just looking the wrong direction, right?
Hail fire and brimstone on a sex crazed town in the desert?
Do these events strike anyone's memory chords?

So what do you think the reaction is going to be if it's found that we, as mankind, spit and spurn the poor, greedily demand gluttonously obscene wages (plus bonuses) for our sinful ways, and also kill others for not believing our way is the one and only right way?
Well, for a good answer, if you have kids and came home to find they strangled the cat for no reason, threw the dog in the dishwasher (I'm sure not going to look after seven cycles) and used mommie's good make-up to draw all over the walls, threw their feces on the ceiling, and smoked all of dad's cuban cigars?

If my parents had come home to that, I wouldn't have made it to the next grade, I'm sure.
(of course, maybe there's the case of giving us enough rope to hang ourselves comes to mind, too. After all. As official 'children' I suppose we're loved, no matter how nasty dirty we are)

But, you're in luck. Not only am I not a prophet,
I'm NOT that being.

But, don't trust to hope that the creator won't eventually come back,
and I believe the razor strap is still hanging in the wood shed out back!


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Charles Gramlich said...

I sense a reasonable man here. Unfortunately, reason doesn't seem to count for much these days.


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